Neon Glowing Business Icons Line Vector Animation Pack #1

A package composed of 11 full-HD, 1080p neon glowing business icon animations with alpha channel (isolated) backgrounds and the After Effects templates included. The main subjects of the animations are business, economy, finance, savings, teamwork, but can also refer to other topics as in the pack you will find vector line animations of the following icons: flickering light bulb/idea, rotating cogwheels/gear/engine, trophy/cup with a star in the middle, hourglass/sand timer with pouring sand, notebook/blank with a pen/pencil, money dollar bills sign, megaphone/speaker, calculator, growing chart/infographic on a computer screen and more.

Resolution Video clip length Frame rate Aspect ratio File format License Archive size
1920 × 1080 00:08 29.97 fps 16:9 MOV,AEP File 640MB