Q: Are these effects worth buying?
A: 1161 transactions have been made, people are using these effects in their projects, vlogs, music videos, gaming videos, as well as in creating mobile games and applications. The price is the lowest on the market, you won't find such FX for this price.

Q: How do I open the '.rar' pack?
A: The video files are compressed into .rar files, to extract the files you need WinRAR. For Windows download it from here: https://www.win-rar.com/start.html?&L=0
For Mac download 'The unarchiver' software form the App store.

Q: How to use these effects?
A: The way of using is by applying the 'chroma key' effect.

Q: Will these effects work with my video editing software?
A: If your video editing program has' the 'chroma key' effect and you can select the black background color from the list of colors then it will definitely work fine, to find out how to use chroma key effect on your software type in the search bar of YouTube: chroma key effect "YOUR VIDEO EDITING PROGRAM NAME", and watch tutorials on this topic.
NOTE: in each software, the 'chroma key' effect may be called different, search in Google or Youtube for - chroma key effect "YOUR SOFTWARE NAME" to find yours.

Q: How to apply these effects in Premiere Pro?
A: Apply the 'Ultra Key' effect and select the background color.

Q: How to apply these effects in After Effects?
A: Apply the 'Color Key effect' and adjust the threshold.

Q: I have paid but haven't been redirected to the download page, what to do?
A: If you have paid for the pack and you weren't redirected to the download page, it means that PayPal's redirection system failed this time, but don't worry, simply contact me and I'll send you the download link.

Q: The .mov file is damaged in After Effects, what to do?
A: The problem is with QuickTime format on your PC, the solution from the link below will solve this problem:

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: Currently we accept only PayPal and WebMoney.

Q: Is there a possible way that you could resend the cartoon pack?
A: Of course, you will just need to provide the evidence of the payment and we will immediately resend you the download link.