Q: How to use these effects?
A: 101 effects out of 185 have transparent backgrounds and you simply need to paste them into your timeline, for other 84 you will need to apply the 'chroma key' effect, note that the name for this effect may differ for each software, you will need search engines like Google or YouTube to find yours. 

Q: How to apply chroma key effect in Premiere Pro?
A: Apply the 'Ultra Key' effect and select the background color.

Q: How to apply chroma key effect in After Effects?
A: Apply the 'Color Key effect', select the background color and adjust the settings.

Q: I have paid but haven't been redirected to the download page, what to do?
A: If you have paid for the pack and you weren't redirected to the download page, it means that PayPal's redirection system failed this time, it usually happens to the customers that don't have a PayPal account but don't worry, simply contact me and I'll send you the download link.

Q: The file is damaged in After Effects, what to do?
A: You will need to rename the extension from .avi to .mov or vice-versa.

Q: Is there a possible way that you could resend the cartoon pack?
A: Of course, you will just need to provide the evidence of the payment and we will immediately resend you the download link.